ECI offers a host of services and benefits in Gas Distribution.

  • Industry leading Operator Qualification Program
  • Experienced personnel
  • Employee Development and Training Program
  • Licensing in Multiple States
  • Plastic and steel main installation
  • Open Cut and Directional Boring
  • Joint Trench Installation
  • Replacement of existing plastic and steel mains
  • New residential and business services
  • Hot taps and live tie-in capabilities
  • Service line replacement
  • Cast Iron Main replacement
  • Regular Station installation
  • Pipeline Welding
  • Hot Tap and Tie-In Experience vs Capabilities

Mobile Operation

We offer a Mobile Operation with the ability to expand crews quickly. Our Strategic Alliance techniques will improve your company’s total cost which will save you money!

“We understand that in today’s environment a customer demands more than just placement. We realize that we need to understand and implement new technology on their behalf. We remain dedicated to superior performance and unequalled attention to customer needs. At ECI, we pledge this to our customers as part of our commitment to excellence.” – Kevin Mason

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